Microsoft Doesn’t Want To “Build Walls” Around Xbox

Microsoft’s next-generation strategy is not focused around any one console, or even a console at all. While Microsoft is releasing two next-generation systems in November–the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S–the company has bolder plans to reach potentially billions of players through its cloud streaming service, xCloud.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now spoken more about Microsoft’s approach and how the company does not want to “build walls around Xbox.”

“Microsoft is in the gaming business for the long run, we want to be a platform where hundreds of millions or billions of players can find somewhere to play,” Spencer told Fast Company. “Building walls around Xbox, so the only way you can continue the experience you love is to buy a new console this fall–for us, it doesn’t seem in line with the values we have as a team.”

Spencer has previously spoken about trying to reach 2 billion gamers, and that is not possible through consoles alone for various reasons. With xCloud, however, every person with a smartphone is a potential Xbox customer, and this could be a big deal.

xCloud only just released this week, so it’s early days. Not only that, but xCloud does not work properly on iPhone due to Apple’s policies, so it’s limited in its reach right now. For more on xCloud, check out GameSpot editor Phil Hornshaw’s report about what it’s like to play Halo: Reach on the toilet.

The Xbox Series X ($500 USD) and S ($300 USD) consoles will become available for pre-order on September 22, ahead of their release in November. For more, check out GameSpot’s Xbox Series X/S pre-order guide.

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Credit: Microsoft Doesn’t Want To “Build Walls” Around Xbox

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